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一站式环保解决方案您的信赖之选One-stop Environmental Protection Solution

01 雄厚的企业实力Advantage

More than ten years of environmental protection equipment R & D, production and service history, specializing in the production and sales of environmental protection equipment technology intensive enterprises;

Focusing on the field of environmental protection, loyal to the cause of environmental protection, strive to make the product quality and product grade catch up with foreign brands, and be specialized and refined, so that the owners can enjoy high-quality service and high-quality products while saving a lot of foreign exchange funds

02 完整的产品线product

It can provide process design, equipment design and manufacture, installation and commissioning services of the whole sludge dewatering room for sewage treatment plant;

Focus on the field of environmental protection, loyal to the cause of environmental protection, all products use high-quality raw materials, advanced anti-corrosion technology to ensure the anti-corrosion requirements of water treatment equipment in harsh working environment

03 广泛的应用领域application

It provides a large number of high-quality products and services for domestic and foreign environmental protection projects in chemical, food, textile, electric power, metallurgical petroleum, coal, municipal and other industries;

We will strive to become a leading modern enterprise in the field of environmental protection equipment production and research and development in China with a down-to-earth and steady development, providing products and services for users

04 完善的服务体系service

The 7x24 service system enables you to solve any product problems at any time, so as to ensure the interests of customers;

We not only have a strong and complete production capacity and more than ten years of environmental protection equipment R & D and production service history, but also have a high-quality team that loves environmental protection and is honest and dedicated

It has accumulated 3000 + successful experience in environmental protection projects

Complete qualification certificate & Public praise of environmental protection project

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吐鲁番电厂PCF过滤器工程 山东钢厂PCF过滤器安装现场 内蒙古京泰电厂加药系统 汇源果汁斜管填料

The company's main business: buried integrated sewage treatment equipment, scraping suction sludge machine, sludge dewatering machine, belt filter press, various dissolved air flotation machines, cavitation air flotation precipitators, etc., which can provide a complete set of treatment scheme and equipment for sewage treatment in various industries